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312 Percent

312%: How to Manage Your Personal Assistant provides productive real estate agents with a proven formula for hiring and managing an efficient and profitable personal assistant. Top Real Estate Agents nationwide struggle with this crucial transition in their business life. Now we are here to assist you in this progression with 312% How to Manage Your Personal Assistant.
The status of a residential Real Estate Agent may be broken down into Three (3) categories...
The Buyer’s Agent: Has 3-30 Closings per year with an emphasis on Buyer Lead Generation and Conversion.
The Listing Agent: Has 20-70 Closings per year with an emphasis on Listing Acquisition and Servicing their   Listing Inventory with buyer side closings fueled by their listing inventory.
The Entrepreneur: Has 40-200 Closings per year with an emphasis on building and growing an "assembly line" around a team.  This all begins with the Personal Assistant.

Industry experts including the National Association of Realtors confirms statistical observations that are irrefutable.
Agents who employ personal assistants earn 312% more money than Agents that do not.
Agents with personal assistants out earn other agents more than 3 to 1.
Agents with personal assistants have more free time and report a greater satisfaction in their work life.
Agents with personal assistants report a keener sense of purpose "I do what I do best and I delegate the rest".

All the tools you need to get started are below....

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Listing Appointment Form
Neighborhood Newsletter Template
Predetermined Accomplishements in Your Farm

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