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Learn what top producers know but will never tell you!

The Lead generation lie!

Working harder is not the answer!

Why Real Estate Teams fail.

The Truth About Getting Listings From Facebook,

Social Media Ads that Work
Listing Lead Generation

 Lead Follow Up Systems, Scripts and Techniques

 Lead Conversion to Appointment

 The 37 Minute GUARANTEED Listing Presentation

 44 Point Listing Appointment Checklist

Real Estate Agents need systems in order to replace themselves and make more money.

During this class you wil learn about the systems to put in place to increase your production and efficiency.

Learn... tap into a market where 70% of the properties are FREE & CLEAR.

... why the majority of executors & administrators must liquidate the real estate. to find how your clients can buy properties at 30-50% discounts.

... how to identify which properties MUST BE SOLD IMMEDIATELY!

... to access Probate LEADS without going to the courthouse.

Bridge the gap with the powerful products and services that you offer

with the goals, needs, and wants of your ideal customer

at fair market value.

Activate the driving force that moves you to action and results

Move through limitations toward resourcefulness

Cultivate a state of mental strength to overcome barriers

Inspire strong leadership

Embrace the power of focus to improve productivity

Learn how you can...

...Increase your sales by an average of 6-13%

...Reduce your days on the market by 40%

...Gain a competitive advantage in todays market

Join Jeff Onofrio, our own renovation expert, to learn to sell the unsellable.

Jeff has a burning desire to see the renovation loan options offered to all clients and to bring renovation financing to the mainstream.

What does Realtor® Financial Wellness mean?

~A real estate business that makes a profit every month starting immediately

~A real estate business that generates profit for personal use, while generating enough profit to reinvest
into the business for lead generation

~A real estate business without financial worries and is a worth owning

~A real estate business that is on track to have you retire a millionaire

~A real estate business that is truly a business and NOT just owning a job

~A real estate business that will have you leaving a legacy to your family worth leaving

The highest paid agents in the industry share a common philosophy in prospecting For Sale By Owners:

"They all list eventually."
DISC Personality Profiles

Fortune 500 Companies use DISC Personality Profiling to equip their Sales Force with better skills to prospect, promote, present and negotiate.

Realtors require vital communication skills to overcome objections, handle buyer’s remorse and navigate crucial pricing conversations.
Business Planning

Blue Printing to Success
Top ten sources for listings next year
Technology solutions are used by top listing agents
The single most important change for your career as we approach the New Year

We extend the invitation to all active licensed board members without regard to brand or brokerage affiliation.
Our hope is to create positive lasting change in productivity, professionalism, and efficiency.
Join us for one hour that could change the trajectory of your Real Estate career.
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