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Worx ONdemand for Cobblestone Realty

                           Six Figure Secrets
Six Figure Secrets represents the collection of data, discussion and research produced on behalf of AnnieMac Home Mortgage  in the creation of our AnnieMac Worx Platform.

                     The Power of Proper Written Goals
One of the most important things you will do for your personal and professional life. Just like a map, you will never get where you want to go without plotting a course. Join us as we share thoughts and ideas and help you take action and arrive at your destination.


 312% ONdemand
312%: How to Manage Your Personal Assistant provides productive real estate agents with a proven formula for hiring and managing an efficient and profitable personal assistant.

Session 1
312% Triple your Income
Session 2
Managing your Assistant

Bulletproof Listing Presentation

 Bulletproof Listing Presentation ONdemand
The most important tool in your Real Estate career answers the most valuable question in our business: Why should I list my house with you? The answers are right here.

Customer First

 Customer First Designation ONdemand
Our Customer First Designation should serve as a catalyst toward better income, better relationships, better lead conversion and a more loyal consumer following.

The Voice of the Consumer
DISC Personality Profiles

 DISC Personality Profiles ONdemand
Fortune 500 Companies use DISC Personality Profiling to equip their Sales Force with better skills to prospect, promote, present and negotiate. Realtors require vital communication skills to overcome objections, handle buyer’s remorse and navigate crucial pricing conversations.

Session 1
DISC Personality Breakdowns

Session 2
Using DISC in Your Business
Coming Soon

EBOL (Every By Owner Lists)

 EBOL (Every By Owner Lists) ONdemand
The highest paid agents in the industry share a common philosophy in prospecting For Sale By Owners:
"They all list eventually." 

Session 1
Your CRM Manager
Session 2

Expired Listing Aquisition

 Expried Listing Aquisition ONdemand
The most consistent & crucial part of your listing acquisition plan MUST INCLUDE EXPIRED LISTINGS!!!
Use this one consistent source of business to give you stability!

Session 1
Expired Listing Gold Mine
Session 2
Using Your Expired Listing Materials

RESE Staging Designation

 Real Estate Staging Designation ONdemand
Our Real Estate Staging designation is a three part series that teaches you everything from How to Stage a Home to How to Market Yourself as a RESE Designee.

Richard Flint The Power to Get Back Up

 Richard Flint the Power to Get Back Up ONdemand
An AnnieMac Worx exclusive training done by the popular Richard Flint. These sessions feature the personal history of Mr. Flint and how he fought to get back up. By using his examples you have the power to make the necessary changes in your life to succeed.

Sign up for StarMaker

Sign up for the Morning Minute

Session 1
Session 2

Shark Feeding Rapid Fire

 Shark Feeding Rapid Fire ONdemand
Our Shark Feeding Rapid Fire is a three part series that teaches you and holds you accountable for all the tasks required to build or double your listing inventory.  These sessions are a game changer for your Real Estate Career.

Social Media Marketing Just for Realtors

 Social Media Marketing Just for Realtors ONdemand
Social Media Marketing Just for Realtors provides real estate agents with a proven formula for posting and managing an efficient and profitable NEW source of business through todays platforms.

Session 1
Social Media Marketing
Session 2
Social Media Marketing Using My Worx Suite

Unique Selling Propositions

 Unique Selling Propositions ONdemand
Unique Selling Propositions and special offers are subject to local, state and federal laws and may not be applicable in every market or Board of Realty in which Associate Worx offers instruction.
These special clauses are not affiliated in any way with your Brokerage.   

Session 1
Using Unique Selling Propositions  to Generate Income
Session 2

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